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14 Reasons To Love SWEET ON YOU Scrub

Developed by Canadian natural wellness brand Aromacentric, SWEET ON YOU blends sugar goodness with essential oils in their latest ultra-moisturizing, stress-busting body scrub. Here’s 14 reasons to love this amazing product and brand! www.aromacentric.com

1. Sweet on You is made with 100% natural ingredients. No parabens, no pthalates, no synthetic fragrances or dyes. It’s naturally preserved with no animal testing.

2. Sweet on You is an exfoliating AND a moisturizing product with a cream base, sunflower seed oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and vitamin E.

3. Sweet on You is made with sugar, a natural source of glycolic acid, and alphy hydroxy acid. Glycolic acid is good at breaking down protein, the stuff that keeps dead skin cells from flaking off. It also helps new skin cell production. (Source: http://huff.to/1eeQJNZ)

4. Sweet on You will nourish the new skin that has been exposed by exfoliating.

5. Sweet on You could help get rid of keratosis, those little red bumps that are common on upper arms and the back of thighs and that reportedly affects 40% of the population!

Essential oil benefits – Sweet On You contains ginger, lemongrass, grapefruit and lime, each with their own amazing scent and therapeutic properties.

6. Ginger, grapefruit, lime and lemongrass are supportive of improved circulation (as is exfoliating, generally). Grapefruit is known for its effect on breaking down cellulite.

7. Ginger, grapefruit, lime and lemongrass are all have digestive properties, so they may help get things “moving” in the morning especially if you massage the scrub into your belly, clockwise.

8. Lemongrass is particularly helpful for calming nerves and overcoming nervous exhaustion.

9. Ginger is an aphrodisiac!

10. Ginger is also known to be a good analgesic. Massage the scrub into your shoulders, neck, and lower back for some muscle love. Or better yet, get someone else to do it (see #9).

11. Lime and Grapefruit are known to be highly uplifting and cheering. Feeling like sunshine is not a bad way to start your day.

12. The fragrance level of this scrub is noticeable enough to enjoy but not overpowering so it won’t interfere with your other products

13. Sweet on you can be used all over the body. It’s unbelievable on the feet (top and bottom), especially after you use a file to get rid of the really hard stuff on the bottom.

14. A body “polish” or scrub in a spa costs on average $140+ gratuities, + parking, ++++. This scrub will get you through the winter for $34.95 + HST

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